Thursday, July 9, 2009

Free Singing Tips - Learn to Sing Basic Tips

* Always loosen up your vocals with vocal exercises.
* To gain confidence sing a song you already know.
* Make sure to do breathing exercises each day and before singing.
* Inhale by pushing the tummy muscles down and out. Your tummy should come out as you inhale (your shoulders should NOT move up).
* Exhale by pulling the tummy muscles in. The tummy should go inward as the breath goes out.
* This may not be the way you breathe now, but it is the correct way to breathe and practice can make it subconscious.
* Before going to sleep each night practice this way of breathing.
* Any time you think of it, practice breathing correctly.
* To aid with the practice of this breathing technique, (which is also used for meditations) place hands on the tummy to feel the correct movements. A belt can also be worn to push against.
* Don't force breath out. Your breath should be flowing and sensuous


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