Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to Improve Your Singing Tone

Improve your singing tone

Today's article will be all about the tone of your singing voice and how to make the absolute most of it. But you do not just have good tone. You have to work on it and develop the skill so it is important to read the following vocal lesson and learn how to develop your tone.

Defining tone and why it is important

Tone is defined as the quality of a note when it is sung. It may also be described as the timbre of a note and is often referred to with descriptives like full, piercing, shrill, thick and so on. It is NOT the same as pitch but many people often confuse it with pitch. Pitch is the value of a note but hitting it perfectly does not necessarily mean that you will sound good when singing. If your note does not have a good tone, whether it is nailed on in terms of pitch or not, it will sound awful. This is why it is absolutely vital to work on it and make sure that you get the mechanics of tone completely right first time.

Toning up your voice tips

So now you know what tone is, you have to figure out how to work on toning up your voice. Your tone in singing can always be improved on but there are a few tips that can help you to get started now:
  •  Relax your voice. The more tension you have in your voice, the worse your tone will be so it is a must to make sure that no strain inhibits your natural vocal range.
  • Try singing a few scales and always warm up properly to make sure your voice is ready for any challenge. Failing to warm up properly can prevent you from achieving quality notes.
  • Experiment with various notes and songs, recording yourself and taking notes to make sure that you identify any notes and places that may well prevent you from achieving the correct sound.
  • Practice, practice, practice! There is no substitute for actually the singing. The more you use your voice and use exercises to improve it, the greater the quality of the sound.
  • Breathe properly. If you use the breathing exercises that you have already learned then you will find that your tone improves. Just relax and breathe.
All of the above tips can really help you to get a handle on your tone. You can improve singing tone at any point but bear in mind that it is a must to work on it straight from the start. It is a fundamental basic that must be in place for the more advanced techniques to work when you are looking to take your singing voice to the next level. If your voice does not have the right tone then no amount of breathing exercises and good posture techniques will help you. Posture and breathing is of course important but improving your singing tone will give your voice another quality.
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