Sunday, September 6, 2009

Free Singing Tips - 5 Reasons You Should Sing

In interviewing a music therapist this are some things that I have heard such as, "I would love to know how to sing", "I really enjoy singing but no one thinks that I am good at it". The therapist told me he’s heard numerous stories of teachers telling their students to pretend they were singing the words to songs because they weren't the best singers.

Singing is a part of our culture. Singing is something natural that helps to express ourselves and show how happy we are just to be alive; it's also something that we can pass down generation after generation sharing a great love for music.

Below are 5 reasons you should sing:

1) Expressing your feelings: Countless times a songwriter, singer, and even a composer express their emotions in a way that many people couldn't, if you are trying to show your feelings about something try singing a song that helps you express those feelings. Also make sure to know you are just singing this song for your own reasons so don't concentrate on if you sound good.

2) Connecting with yourself: Meditative breathing, singing to your favorite song or even just humming the tune to yourself are fantastic ways of getting in touch with your emotions.

3) Singing helps us connect with our bodies: When you start singing you're singing with your whole body. Singing consists of 80% breathing, therefore when you singing allows you to be one with your body which helps us to relax and focus on singing rather than worrying and thinking so much during the day. Singing is really a wonderful hobby to take up, it helps release those endorphins (which are those chemicals that make you feel good).

4) Connecting with other people: When you sing with a group of people either in prayer, meditation, a concert, or maybe even on the phone or online; all of these things help us to understand that each and every one of us are really connected.

5) Help increase those great feelings you have: Anything you focus your thoughts on will help you bring more of it into your life. If you wish to feel happier then start singing blissful, exciting songs.

Start singing your heart out! Be happy with your distinctive voice. Experiment with different styles and instruments. Start a journal of things you feel when you focus your thoughts and start singing happy songs; write down if when you sing these types of songs if you begin feeling any happier. Make sure you choose the precise song for what you want to start feeling that particular moment and enjoy!

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