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Exploring Singing Basics 3: Align Your Body and Improve Your Posture for Singing Instantly!

Good singing Posture

Hello and welcome to the third edition of Exploring Singing Basics! We are so glad that you have decided to join us once again to learn how to sing online and hope you are enjoying this course so far!

Having talked about preparing to sing and your voice type, it is now time to move on to techniques and methods that can help you to improve your singing from this very moment onwards. Another one of the fundamentals of singing, aligning your body is a must.

Why? Well singing does not begin and end with your voice so it is time to start using your whole body to improve your singing! So what does your body have to do with singing? When you sing, people may listen to your voice but your range, talent and skill will be limited if that is the only part of your anatomy you use to project the words of a song.

If you think about it, it is like any other use of the human body, such as a sport for example. When throwing a ball, you do not use your arm in isolation. You use your shoulder to pivot the arm, your back to provide momentum, your waist to twist, your legs to facilitate the twist and your feet to maintain a certain stance so that you can balance. A simple exercise therefore calls on your entire body. The same applies with singing.

Using Your Entire Body 

Learning to sing is all about learning to use your entire body to harness your voice and project it outwards, maintaining tune, tone and strength throughout. If you just used your voice then you would not get very far at all. All of the best singers know exactly how to use their bodies to project and maintain sound production when singing.

The entire body is an instrument, from your feet to the top of your head and you must learn how to use it appropriately to have the correct posture for singing.

Quick Posture Tips 

Still not convinced? Well, try this:

•    Stand with your feet together, back straight and get someone to push your right shoulder. What happens? Unless you move your feet you stumble and fall over.

•    Try again with your feet shoulder width apart. Get a friend to push you and what happens? You can stand firm exactly where you are without adjusting.

•    When your friend places their hand on your shoulder to push you close your eyes. Ask them to tell you when they are going to push so you can brace yourself.

•    As you brace yourself, note which muscles you use. Your lower body, abdominal muscles and neck muscles tense to weather the onslaught.

This exercise is intended to show you how the rest of the body sets off a chain reaction to the vocal cords. It also demonstrates why posture and alignment is important. If your body is aligned properly then everything will work in the correct order and improve your singing immensely.

Essential Tips for a Proper Singing Posture

So now you know how important the entire body is for your singing voice to flourish, you need to know how to align your body so that your voice improves. Posture is vital and these tips can help you to make sure that your posture is of the optimum level to enhance your singing voice.

•    Place your feet shoulder width apart with your right foot slightly in front of the other for the best stance as you sing.

•     Adopt the superhero posture – legs hip width apart, chest puffed out, spine straight, hands on hips and chin up. You will be surprised at just how much difference it makes to your voice. It releases all of your muscles and removes any obstacles to vocal production.

•    Hold a note whilst continually stretching your whole body up, to one side, to the other side, lunging with the right and then left leg and finally stretching just your back and neck muscles. Note how different it sounds as you move, when it becomes stronger and when it weakens. This will teach you all about the correct posture.

Each one of these tips and points can be used to enhance your posture and alignment, which in turn will enhance your singing voice. They are simple and you will notice a difference instantly.

There will be more specific and advanced tips regarding alignment, posture and using your body to improve your singing in future and more tips and tricks in our newsletter, simply pop your first name and email into the sign up box at the top-right of the page. Also remember to share this with your singing buddies or people you know woh will really benefit from the tips here.

So make sure you keep coming back for more. For now though, these basic ideas relating to alignment and posture will get you well on the road to improving your voice.

Thanks so much for reading – until next time!

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