Friday, September 14, 2012

Three Top Tips to Avoid Critical Mistakes When Improving Your Singing Tone

The 3 Tips You Must Learn When Improving Your Singing Tone
Believe it or not, there are several ways that you can avoid tone production errors altogether. Practice makes perfect in eliminating pinched, sharp, flat, thin and other undesirable sound tones and the following points will help you to do just that:

  • Record yourself singing a range of songs and make notes of imperfections. Many singers make mistakes on certain vowels or on specific notes so make sure that you can immediately identify where you may have problems from start.
  • Avoid nasal or throaty sounds. These are far more likely to disturb your tone so work on eliminating them from your singing.
  • If you continue to have persistent issues, it may be worth seeing a doctor as there are some medical problems, such as a vocal fold dysfunction, that will impact on your voice. This is a last resort if you cannot iron out issues though.

Now you have the lowdown on tone and how to use it to improve your voice. In fact, you have all of the basics at your fingertips now so you are ready to move on to the more advanced techniques!
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