Saturday, August 22, 2009

Free Singing Tips - Improve Your Singing Voice

Do you dream of singing with the stars or simply wish to improve your voice for the mere joy of singing? Whatever your reason, there are certain things you can do that will help you to improve, enjoy sharing your talent more and learning how to properly care for your voice as a singer.

Anyone that sings a lot, at some point, usually experiences a scratchy voice or perhaps throat pain from singing. In learning and following through certain techniques, you will take care of your voice, avoid bad throat problems and further your singing skills. These steps will help ensure that you maintain your singing voice and keep it in the best functioning condition for several years.

While it’s healthy and advisable for all adults to drink a minimum of eight, 8oz. glasses of water per day, it’s absolutely essential for singers, as this will maintain good hydration for your throat. Also, learning to breathe properly will help you to sing your best. If you are in the process of taking voice lessons or teaching yourself to sing, you should steer clear of yelling or shouting or talking loudly. Each of these bad habits may cause a hoarse voice, affecting your singing ability.

Were you aware that your diet affects how healthy your voice is? For instance, alcohol and sometimes even mouthwash, can contain ingredients that irritate the throat and vocal cords. Foods that are really spicy weaken the throat as well. Also, cigarette smoke, whether it’s first-hand or second-hand smoke, causes overall health issues, which also reflects in the healthiness of the throat. Overall, a healthy voice is at its best when encompassed by a healthy body. Take care of yourself!

So, now, you know you want to sing, you know taking care of your throat and voice is crucial, now you need to respect your voice. There are many different types of singing-there’s jazz, choir, gospel singing, and even throat singing. Decide what type or types of singing you want to focus on and move towards reaching that next level of potential.

Along with the different styles of singing, your voice naturally has certain qualities or shortcomings. It’s important to choose music that is appropriate for your voice. Knowing and staying within your vocal abilities will help to avoid strain on your vocal chords.

The best way to improve your singing voice is by practicing. Make it a point to practice on a regular basis either with a voice coach, online singing lessons, with your local choir or at amateur events whenever the opportunity arises. You may even decide to have a demo CD created to hear yourself and to pass along to others. Not only will this be good practice for you, it will strengthen your vocal abilities and get you accustomed to singing in front of people and perhaps even open up the opportunity for you to sing for money.

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