Saturday, August 15, 2009

Free Singing Tips - Proper Breathing Exercises for Singing

Proper Breathing is Key to Good Singing

Music of any type is a powerful form of communication; and people worldwide enjoy some form of music. Singers know on a personal level, how powerful a tool their voice can be in expressing themselves.

It’s important to realize that appropriate breathing is the groundwork of good singing. A good singer has complete control over their breathing when performing, and this is indeed a learned technique. Singers have to learn how to be aware of their breathing at all times because it affects the voice tone and quality, the ability to reach required pitch ranges and the skill of holding a note for extended periods of time. Learning these essential techniques provides the proper tools for a singer to express themselves to the best of their ability.

All breathing whether consciously or unconsciously is done through the diaphragm. Air cannot move through the lungs without the help of the diaphragm. This dome-shaped muscle is located across the bottom of the ribcage and in order to engage it, it is necessary to fill the abdominal wall up with air. When we do not engage this muscle to its fullest capacity, it prevents the voice from producing the fullness necessary for creating the proper resonance. If you keep on singing without proper lung capacity, it can cause you to sing off key, limit your vocal range and damage your vocal chords.

Proper breathing from the diaphragm requires regular practice until it becomes habit. By breathing this way, you’re not only going to excel in your singing abilities, you’ll also keep yourself healthier. Proper, intentional breathing helps to rid our bodies of carbon dioxide and take in enough oxygen to benefit all the internal organs.

In order to sing to the best of your ability and take proper care of your voice, you must learn to inhale and use the lungs to their full capacity as well as know how to quickly take a good breath and you must maintain control over how quickly the air is expelled.

You can begin learning proper breathing techniques by practicing these easy exercises:

• Begin by lying on your back and placing a large book on the center of your
abdomen. As you inhale, if done correctly, you should see the book rise.
Hold for three seconds before exhaling; then exhale very slowly, watching
the book lower with your abdomen.

• One more exercise is done by sitting in a straight backed, cushion less
chair. Dangle your arms by your sides and lift your elbows out to the
sides, away from the chest. While in this position, slowly breathe in as
deep as you can until you feel your waist and back expand. During this
exercise, do not allow your shoulders to move. Exhale slowly.

Practice these exercises daily until this style of breathing becomes second nature and you will be well on your way to proper breathing and great singing.

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