Friday, August 7, 2009

Free Singing tips - 7 Great Tips for Singing

Tips for Singing

If you are just beginning to sing, there are a few things that I’ve found very helpful, when learned at the start of your new endeavor. The tips seem pretty basic but these along with voice lessons will be a great foundation for helping you to achieve your singing goal. In addition to the following information one thing that is of utmost importance is that YOU need to do is believe that you truly are good singer. Remember to believe in yourself, always. Who knows, you may even become better than some professionals.

If you follow these tips for singing when initially acclimating yourself to singing, you will form good habits.

1)Properly hydrate your body-Learn to drink clear liquids before you begin singing, preferably water. When you sing you use your vocal chords, so you can not sing without drinking something first or you may risk harming them. The fluids provide proper hydration for your vocal chords much like oiling a machine prior to using it.

2)Get proper rest-While you sing the muscles in your throat need to be loose. If you don’t get the right amount of sleep, your whole body feels tired and tensed. If you have not gotten proper rest, it’s better to avoid singing.

3)Wear comfortable clothes-When choosing your outfit, it’s advised that you wear clothes that aren’t’ too tight or bind. This will ensure proper breathing. Breathing is 70% of singing.

4)Put on flat heeled shoes that provide good support-When singing it’s important that you stand in the way that will provide the best possible breathing posture. Flat sole shoes will help give you the needed support and balance for this.

5)Practice good posture-When you sing, good posture plays a very important role to proper breathing. The breathing techniques required to ensure that you sing your best requires deep breaths that fully engage the diaphragm. Poor posture prevents proper breathing. With shoulders relaxed and chest sticking out, you’ll be standing perfectly straight; having a good posture will help you sing to your greatest potential.

6)Stand upright with feet no more than shoulder width apart will allow you to control your body movements more when you sing.

7)Keep your legs relaxed. Do not lock your legs, this places extra strain on your feet which isn’t good. Body weight should be evenly distributed not completely on your feet.

These are just a few tips for singing that I find helpful. However, each singing teacher will give you some of their own advice too. You need to listen carefully because it will help you to become a more talented singer.

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